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Upcoming Events

2023/2024 Season

Exciting Stimulating and Highly Varied Season Ahead for the Ever Popular Akaroa Orion Art Gallery.

The Gallery’s exhibition space continues to be highly sought after with most of next season’s exhibition slots already filled.  This seasons exhibitions include:

October 2023

The season begins with the Wild Side of Life on 7th October 2023 This exhibition will mark the tenth anniversary of the Peninsula based "Wild Side Art Group". Local artists Tricia Hewlett, Annette Brown, Annette Moore, Barbara Avery, Chris McMillan, Emma Perrin, Katrina Mitchell, Leslie Oorschot, Teena Irwin, and Tori Batt will all have works on show. They are guaranteed to infuse their wild side in this eclectic expose.

November 2023

Sees the much-heralded return to the Orion of North Canterbury’s famous Art duo of Sam Mahon and Ali Erikson. Entitled “Bastards and Dearly Beloveds” the exhibition is sure to delight and surprise with sculptures and works reflecting this intriguing theme. Maybe viewers will recognise some of the Bastards and Dearly Beloveds in their own lives!

December 2023

It has been some years since a photographic exhibition has been held so December sees an almost entirely photographic exhibition. Included in the line-up are local camera aficionados  Meg Errington, Chris Walker, Emma Crew, Jason Crew, John Dean, Robyn Stuart, Kaye Millar, Bob Jones, and Mark Scambary, who’s lenses capture all from the everyday to the bizarre. Their works will be complimented with Kerry Thacker’s finely crafted wooden stools and chairs also on display.

January 2024

To welcome in the New Year, we have well-known local artists David Tait, Robinson’s Bay and Judy Ward, Prebbleton. Both have exhibited previously at the Orion but will bring new perspectives of our beloved Peninsula and beyond. This exhibition will run in conjunction with the Auckland School of Music festival. The School will be using the space for practice and performance, so a double sensory experience is possible. The exhibition opens on Saturday 30th December.

February 2024

Well known Diamond Harbour artist, Alice Lewis, who has been making quite a name for herself on the local art scene with several Banks Peninsula Exhibitions in recent years, will present her brand of both paintings and sculptures. Given Alice’s background, we may even see how the Peninsula’s number one pest, the possum, can be used in art forms and installations.

March 2024

The terrific trio of Sue Pearce, Miranda Joseph, and Robyn Bardas all Master of Fine Arts graduates from the Dunedin School of Art, are no strangers to exhibiting jointly. They are at the forefront of artistic responses to sustainability and climate change concerns. Each artist uses landscape painting to explore political and cultural concerns about the survival of our natural environment. Sue Pearce, a merit award winner in the Parkin Drawing Award in 2021, works gesturally with fluid acrylic to suggest the tactile qualities of ground surfaces and plant forms. Miranda, a finalist in NZ Emerging Artist in 2015, combines Japanese influences in her work. Robyn too, is very much a contemporary landscape painter working between video, photography, print and paint.

April 2024

April brings the Nancy Tichborne Retrospective. This exhibition has been chosen as a fitting finale to 50 years of the Orion Akaroa Gallery bringing arts and culture to Akaroa and the Peninsula. Nancy whose name is synonymous with water colours was a stalwart of the Gallery. Her exhibitions were always eagerly anticipated and her exquisite depiction of flowers unparalleled. Both Nancy and her husband Brian contributed greatly to the success of the Gallery in recent years. Nancy’s family will select a range of her works for this much awaited celebration of the enrichment Nancy brought to art circles throughout Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Words & Sculptures
Orion Powerhouse Gallery

January 27th - February 18th, 2024

Open Tuesday to Sunday 10am - 4pm, Closed Mondays

Alice Lewis – Paintings and sculpture

Alice Lewis - Words & Sculptures - WEB.jpg
New Landscape -WEB.jpg
New Landscape
Orion Powerhouse Gallery

February 24th - March 17th, 2024

Open Tuesday to Sunday 10am - 4pm, Closed Mondays

Sue Pearce, Miranda Joseph, Robyn Bardas


Nancy Tichborne Retrospective
Orion Powerhouse Gallery

March 24th - April 14th, 2024 (Closed Good Friday)

Open Tuesday to Sunday 10am - 4pm, Closed Mondays

Retrospective - Nancy Tichborne

Nancy Tichborne Retrospective -v2- WEB.jpg
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