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Past Exhibitions

2020/2021 Season

Glass Half Empty - Glass
Half Full (thoughts on a post quake city)
Orion Powerhouse Gallery

Through paintings, photographs, and Audio the artist Lynne Lambert shares her personal journey to recovery. This is an exhibition in four stages connected to 4 poems. The first in response to the September 2010 earthquake the second to the February 2011 earthquake, the third a consideration of the city post quake and the fourth a strategy to move forward.


Glass Half Empty – Glass Half Full (thoughts on a post quake city), running from Saturday 27th March until Sunday 18th April 2021 inclusive.

Inspired By Nature
Orion Powerhouse Gallery

Inspired By Nature features work by Judy Curnow, Sarah Ford and Anita May Blanchett, running from Saturday 27th February to Sunday 21st March 2021 inclusive.

Anita May Blanchett is a protégé of renowned NZ landscape painter Tim Wilson. In 2000 she had her first sell-out exhibition in Auckland and has been painting fulltime since then. 

Sarah Ford has been creating hand pieces with clay most of her life. After studying art at school and Teachers College Sarah has had successful exhibitions and has work in collections at Dunbar Sloane International, Christchurch College of Education, and The Canterbury Museum.

Judy Curnow is also a protégé of renowned NZ landscape painter Tim Wilson. Judy draws her inspiration from her beautiful surroundings and nature itself and whatever ignites the joy within her every day. She uses the best quality oil pigments and hand made berge linen canvasses.

Southern Splash
Orion Powerhouse Gallery

The Akaroa Art Gallery is excited to announce our next exhibition coming to the Akaroa Orion Powerhouse Gallery.


The annual Splash exhibition in Wellington displays the work of renowned watercolour artists, and is a highlight on the New Zealand Arts calendar. Now, 'Southern Splash', a new venture for Watercolour New Zealand will be hosted by the Akaroa Orion Powerhouse Gallery.


Adrienne Pavelka, Svetlana Orinko & Nancy Tichborne join well-known watercolorists from around the South Island. The exhibition will be running from Saturday 30th of January until Sunday 21st February 2021. Gallery open daily 10am to 4pm.

Ivan Button Exhibition
Orion Powerhouse Gallery

Ivan Button's background was in the Advertising Industry where he trained and worked as a graphic artist and illustrator.


He currently works in watercolour and in oils. While his subject matter will vary from Still Life to Landscapes, his passion is for New Zealand scenes along with villages of France and Italy. 


In more recent times Ivan has pursued an interest in “abstraction/expressionism”
He enthusiastically runs the ‘Nearly Serious Artists Workshops’ alongside various Art groups, believing in the value and encouragement of artists sharing together. 


The Ivan Button Exhibition is open daily 10am to 4pm from Friday 1st January until Sunday 24th January 2021.

Cash & Carry Exhibition
Orion Powerhouse Gallery

The Cash and Carry exhibition opens to the public on Friday 13th November 2020. This annual exhibition is a popular and exciting event providing locals and visitors with the opportunity to see a variety of work by local artists.


Visitors  can purchase and take their art home which is always an attractive  option. Two new local artists Steven Bradley and Emma Perrin will be exhibiting for the first time next to well known Banks Peninsula artists.


Come and visit us and see this wonderful exhibition. You may find a Xmas gift for some one special.

Sam Mahon &
Ali Erickson
Orion Powerhouse Gallery

The first exhibition in our 2020/2021 season is an exciting one!


Sam Mahon & Ali Erickson are a multi-talented North Canterbury couple… Bronze sculptors, painters, authors & poets. There’s not much they don’t do! They very rarely exhibit & when they do they prefer smaller community-based galleries.


It is a privilege for us to have them here daily 10am to 4pm from Saturday 3rd of October until Sunday 1st of November 2020.
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