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Carol Theologo Exhibition

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Carol Theologo

Born in South Africa, I arrived in New Zealand in 2009 with my husband and two children. Inspired by the native birds that visit my garden from neighbouring Zealandia, I have been painting them ever since and they feature predominantly in my work.   Painting since 2006 and being largely self-taught, I have expanded my knowledge through workshops, studying and experimenting.  I am an active member of the Khandallah Art Group and the New Zealand Academy of Fine Art.  My work is exhibited at various galleries and art shows and is held in private collections throughout New Zealand and internationally.


As an oil painter living in Wellington, New Zealand, I take inspiration from the native wildlife and vegetation.  I specialize in painting birds, animals and landscapes. Native birds are a real passion of mine and I try to capture some of the magic I feel whilst exploring New Zealand’s wildlife.


Over time I have developed my own style and technique, one that lends itself to imperfection. Sometimes I leave spaces that one might desire to give a more finished look, and by doing so, allow the viewer to complete the story.  Using various oil mediums to create different effects I then draw into, scrape and make marks with various tools to reveal the layers below. I enjoy using thinly glazed layers that reveal some of the luminosity of the first layer of paint.  Expressing myself is often as much about applying the paint as it is removing it.


Finalist - Cliftons Art Prize 2016
Finalist in Cliftons Art Award 2015
Awards - 2014 Merit at Kapiti Observer Rotary Art Show

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